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Feeding Frenzy in the Arctic

A photograph of a lone Polar Bear walking across the Arctic Pack ice leaves most people with the impression that the photographer had stalked the huge predator, probably on foot at considerable personal risk, to take the picture. But that really isn't the whole story.

In June Cherry joined a group of passengers on the Professor Mulchanov, a Russian ex arctic research vessel that has been converted to carry around 50 passengers, with a few notable exceptions, this makes her one of the smallest 'cruise ships' to be working in both Arctic and Antarctic waters. Cherry was booked on a hardcore photography tour. Their main objective was to find and photograph Polar Bears. Her fellow passengers were a mix of amateur and a few professional photographers and some non-combatant partners. This was Combat Photography at its dirtiest, The photographer with the sharpest elbows and the longest lens usually won the best vantage point, but did they get the best pictures?