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ArcticPhoto and Polar Information

Here at Arcticphoto we are passionate about the Polar Regions, they have been our life for nearly 40 years. These information pages are very concise slices of information about some aspects of the Arctic and Antarctica. If we found interesting websites that can give you more information than we have room for, we have put in links to them at the bottom of the pages. We hope that you find our Polar Info pages helpful. We will be adding more over the coming months.

Our friendship with people living in the Arctic means that we keep abreast of changes there. We know that the white igloo shaped church in Iqaluit burnt down on November 5th 1995 and hasn't been rebuilt. We heard very early on about the brown bear, polar bear cross that was shot near Sachs Harbour in 2006. Our captions tell you that in 2006 the Americans put in a new building at the South Pole, the Dome is still there but is no longer the main hub of activities. We have been careful that if you are looking for pictures of caribou, you don't get reindeer too, unless you search on both words. Searching on the word iceberg won't bring up pictures of lettuces on this website.

Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic

Our core collection is the work of Bryan Alexander, he has been living with different indigenous groups in the Arctic since his first trip to the North of Greenland in 1971. In the years since then he has been adrift on ice floes between Greenland and Canada for several days, he has fallen though rotten sea ice at minus 40C and once, in East Greenland, he taught an orphaned baby polar bear to drink from a baby's bottle. Living in tents at temperatures far colder than those found in a domestic freezer, he puts up with these risks and hardships because he loves working in the North. He loves the light, the people and the lifestyles, but at home he is always the first to want the central heating switching on.

Wildlife of the Polar Regions

We are lucky enough to represent the work of a number of dedicated wildlife photographers. Each of them has different strengths and styles, the combination gives us strong images and good behavioural pictures from places as far apart as Svalbard in the Arctic Ocean and Snow Hill in the Weddell Sea.

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