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Inuit Hunter, Kigutikak Duneq and dog team rest near an ice cave. Qaanaaq. North West Greenland. 1971

Kigutikak Duneq in fur clothing. He carries a rifle his dogs are behind him. Qaanaaq. NW Greenland. 1971

Arnanguaq Qujaukitsok, an Inuit girl from Thule wearing a fox fur hood. Northwest Greenland.

Portrait of an Inuit hunter, Ituko, frosted up at minus 30 Celsius. N.W. Greenland.

Mikivssuk Karlsen, an Inuit woman, with a fox fur ruff on her parka hood. Savissivik. NW Greenland MR

A shaft of sunlight catches an Inuit boy's face. Northwest Greenland.

Ituko, an Inuit hunter travelling by dog sled during the polar night. N.W. Greenland

During the polar night, Inuit hunter, Ituko, dressed in furs, sets nets under the ice to catch seals. Moriussaq Northwest Greenland. 1980

The Polar Inuit village of Moriussaq during the Polar Night. N.W. Greenland.

Moonlit Iceberg taken at midday during the polar night. Ice polished by the wind. N.W. Greenland.

Polar Inuit waits with his harpoon at a seal breathing hole in the sea ice, sunset. Northwest Greenland

Inuit woman, Arnaruluk Aladaq, chews sealskin, to soften it for making kamik, seal skin boots, Greenland.

A lone dogsled makes its way over sea ice during a cold winter day in low sunlight. Qaanaaq. NW Greenland.

An Inuit hunter uses a whip to control his dogs during a sledge trip. N.W. Greenland.

Aerial view of Meteorite Island and the Inuit village of Savissivik. N.W.Greenland

Inuit hunter, Mamarut, in the soft evening light, untangles the traces of his dog team. NW Greenland.

Fur clad Inuk, Qaaviganguaq, builds an igloo. It will be used as a hunting shelter. N.W. Greenland.

Inuit hunter,Qaerngak Nielsen, with his dog team out seal hunting near Cape York. N.W. Greenland.

Inuit hunter & dog team silhouetted against sea- smoke mist which forms at -40C. N.W.Greenland

Inuit hunters and dog sleds, returning home at sunset, after hunting trip. Cape York, N.W. Greenland

Inuit hunter climbs an Iceberg to scan the sea ice for bears.   N.W.Greenland

An Inuit hunter, Ituko, lights two Primus stoves to warm his tent. N.W. Greenland.

Inuit hunter in polar bear pants & seal skin Kamik rests in tent, whilst on a hunting trip. N.W.Greenland

An Inuit hunter scans the ice of Melville Bay for polar bears. N.W.Greenland. 1986

An Inuit hunter, Jens Danielsen, travelling by dog sled over rough pressure ice. N.W.Greenland.

An Inuit hunter, Jens Danielsen, shoots at a seal from the floe edge near Cape York. N.W. Greenland.

Inuit hunters in furs, climb an iceberg to scan sea-ice for game, whilst on a hunting trip. N.W. Greenland

Fur dressed Inuit hunter, Mamarut, rests on his sled, whilst on a hunting trip. N.W.Greenland

Snow covered huskies wake after a storm. They curl up and sleep as snow covers them. Northwest Greenland.

Fur dressed Inuit hunter checks Polar bear tracks on sea ice in Melville Bay.  N. Greenland.

During a hunt, a polar bear in a lead snarls at its attackers. N.W. Greenland.

In Inuit hunter, Ituko, skinning a polar bear he has just killed. N.W. Greenland.

An Inuit hunter, Ituko, feeds raw seal meat to his dogs. N.W. Greenland.

Exuberant Inuk does a handstand on sea ice, after a successful hunt. Northwest Greenland.

Exuberant young Inuk on dogsled returning from a successful polar bear hunt.  N.W. Greenland

Polar bear skin stretched out to dry outside a house. Savissivik,  N.W. Greenland.

Huskies hauling a heavy sled up a hill on Meteorite Island.Savissivik,  N.W. Greenland

Snowdrifts against houses in the Inuit community of Savissivik. N.W. Greenland

Mikivssuk Karlsen, an Inuit woman, making a pair of traditional polar bear skin trousers. N.W.Greenland

Ituko, an Inuit hunter imitates a polar bear to train his dogs. N.W. Greenland.

An Inuit girl, Sofie, warmly dressed in a fox fur hooded jacket (kapataq). N.W. Greenland. 1987

An Inuit hunter, Jens, checks his seal net which he sets under the ice. N.W. Greenland.

Inuit hunters wait on thin new sea ice for a walrus to surface near them. Siorapaluk. N.W.Greenland.

Inuit hunters work together as a team to haul a dead walrus onto the sea ice. Northwest Greenland. 1977

An Inuit hunter travels by dog sled, over the frozen sea ice. Northwest Greenland

Dogs are used to  haul a 1000lb walrus onto the sea ice. North Greenland.

Fur clad Inuk, Qaavigannguaq, waits with his harpoon at a seal's breathing hole. NW Greenland

Inuit hunter Qaavigannguaq, skins a seal. He wears polar bear pants and sealskin kamik. NW Greenland.

Concealed behind a white linen screen Inuit hunter, Jeremias Petersen, shoots a seal.Savissivik,NW.Greenland

Inuit hunters on sea ice, hauling a bearded seal they have caught at its breathing hole. Northwest Greenland.

Inuit hunter Qaavigannguaq, skinning a ringed seal, He wears polar bear pants.   Northwest Greenland.

A team of huskies, in fan formation, pulling a dog sled over frozen sea ice. Northwest Greenland.

Inuit hunter, Jerimias Petersen, loads a dead seal onto his sled near Savissivik. N.W. Greenland.

At minus 32 degrees Celsius, Qaerngak Nielsen, an Inuit hunter scrapes ice off his kayak. N.W.Greenland

Inuit hunter jumps across   pancake ice to get ashore. Savissivik, N.W. Greenland

An Inuit home with arctic hares hanging outside to keep them cold. Moriussaq. Northwest Greenland.

Inuit storekeeper Ajako Henson, with traded fox and seal skins.NW Greenland.

Saufak Kiviok, Inuit womam, with her seal oil lamp (qulliq) at a hunter's hut. Thule, Northwest Greenland

Kajutaq Avike, an Inuit hunter, about to enter an Igloo he has built at dusk. Northwest Greenland.

Tukaaq, an Inuit hunter, out on the sea ice in the winter time. Northwest Greenland

Helicopter carrying post and passengers takes off from Moriussaq. N.W. Greenland.

Huskies wait to haul supplies from a Cessna Caravan plane near Savissivik. N.W. Greenland.

Inuit woman carrying a baby in an Amaut (hooded sealskin jacket). Thule, Northwest Greenland

Warmly dressed Inuit children play on toboggans Savissivik. NW Greenland.

Inuit family eating  traditional foods at a Birthday party in Qaanaaq. N.W.Greenland.

Inuit boy  playing with a washing line in Savissivik. N.W. Greenland.
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