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Portrait of a Cree trapper, Abel Brien, on an autumn hunting trip. Quebec, Canada.

An aerial view of the Cree village Mistassini, Quebec, Canada.

Cree woman, Elizabeth Brien, lays spruce twigs on the tent floor at a bush camp. Quebec, Canada.

Cree woman, Elizabeth Brien, preparing a beaver for a family feast. N. Quebec, Canada.

Cree hunter breaks the ice on a frozen lake with his boat. Quebec. Canada.

Cree woman, Elizabeth Brien, with beaver skin stretched out to dry. North Quebec, Canada.

The light from a kerosene lamp illuminates a Cree winter tent in boreal forest. Quebec, Canada.

Portrait of a Cree Indian woman, Elizabeth Brien. North Quebec, Canada.

Cree trappers return from a fishing trip  on Lake Bourinot, Quebec, Canada.

Cree boy, Johnie peeps through the  tent door at a camp out on the land. Quebec, Canada.

Cree woman, Elizabeth Brien, picking cranberries near her camp in the autumn. Quebec, Canada.

Cree woman, Elizabeth Brien, threads caribou hide lacing onto a pair of snowshoes. Quebec, Canada.

Cree boy is given a bath in an oil drum at a bush camp by his grandmother. Northern Quebec. Canada.

Billy Edwards, an elderly Cree in snowshoes,  hauling a birchwood sled. Quebec, Canada.

A Cree hunter with catch of Whitefish & Suckers caught in a net under the ice. Northern Quebec, Canada.

Cree trapper and wife, Abel & Elizabeth Brien, with pelts of autumn catch of Pine Martens, Quebec, Canada

A Cree trapper scraping a  caribou skin pegged out to dry. Quebec, Canada.

Cree hunter, Abel Brien, with a number of beaver skins stretched onto frames to dry. Quebec, Canada.
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