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Polar Bear wanders the summer pack ice north of Spitsbergen, jumping from ice floe to ice floe. Polar Bears are solitary hunters as a rule. Svalbard

A polar bear climbing up onto a piece of pressure ice. Franz Josef Land, Russian Arctic

Polar bear climbs over piled up sea ice, Svalbard. Arctic Norway Polar bear, Svalbard_MG_2229.TIF

Polar Bear mother & cubs on new sea ice. Cape Churchill. Manitoba. Canada.

Polar Bear tries to cross new thin sea ice. Cape Churchill, Canada.

Polar Bear mother and her cub on pack ice in the Arctic Summer. Svalbard. Arctic Norway

Polar Bear swimming. By Lågøya, N Svalbard, 2006. Print size to A4.(8 x 11.5 inches)

Polar bear makes its way across piled up sea ice, Svalbard. Arctic Norway

Two Polar Bears greet each other on the ice at sunset, with reflections. Cape Churchill, Canada.

Sunlit portrait of adult Polar Bear facing the camera. Canada.

Polar Bear runs over sea ice in blowing snow at sunset. Cape Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

Curious Polar Bear stands up for a better look. Cape Churchill, Canada

Arctic fox looks down from a snow bank onto a sleeping Polar Bear. Cape Churchill, Canada

Polar bear mother, Ursus maritimus, and twin cubs of the year hunting on the pack ice, Svalbard Archipelago, Arctic Norway

Polar bear mother and cub on summer sea ice. Svalbard

Polar Bear on sea ice, a strong wind swirls snow around his feet. Canada.

Polar bear mother sniffs the air for danger as her cub nestles close. Cape Churchill, Canada.

Polar Bear breath hangs on the freezing air as he breathes out. Churchill. Canada.

Reclining Polar Bear rolls on the ice at the edge of Hudson Bay. Churchill Canada

Polar Bear walks in blowing snow at sunset. Cape Churchill, Manitoba. Canada.

Adult Male Polar Bears stand upright as they play fight. Hudson By. Churchill. Canada

Adult male polar bear in a deep day bed he has dug for himself. Cape Churchill. Manitoba. Canada.

Water streams from the mane of a Polar Bear at the floe edge. Spitsbergen.

Polar Bear on thin ice distrubuting his weight. Cape Churchill, Canada.

Adult male Polar Bear, his  head slightly scarred by fighting. Churchill, Canada

Polar Bear mother nurses her cubs-of-the-year in a wind. Cape Churchill. Canada.

Female Polar Bear climbs out of the sea onto an ice floe, in summer ice. Spitsbergen. Svalbard.

Polar bear running across shallow water over ice floes. Spitsbergen.

Young male polar bear approaches a dead seal where gulls are feeding, Spitsbergen

Polar bear mother and her two cubs on summer sea ice, by open water. Spitsbergen.

Beautiful young clean white Polar Bear on thin summer sea ice. Spitsbergen.

Female polar bear and her cub, on an ice floe. The mother wears a radio tag collar. Spitsbergen.

Polar bear climbs out of the water onto sea ice. Spitsbergen.

Polar bear mother with two yearling cubs on thawing sea ice. Spitsbergen.

Polar Bear walks over sea ice in blowing snow at sunset. Cape Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

Dead Polar Bear cub on snow along the shoreline, Torellneset, Svalbard
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