Arctic Nature & Wildlife Galleries

Moonlit Iceberg taken at midday during the polar night. Ice polished by the wind. N.W. Greenland.

A seabird flies past the towering ice cliffs of an iceberg. West Greenland.

An iceberg shaped like a lemon meringue pie, bathed in warm autumn sunshine. Northwest Greenland

Grounded iceberg.The grooves are caused by air bubbles eroding the ice. Greenland

Iceberg and its mirror reflection in summer waters. Northwest Greenland

Substantial lumps of ice fall from the front of the  Kongsbreen tidewater glacier, Kongsfiord, Spitsbergen.

Detail of an Iceberg in a calm sea, Scoresbysund Fiord. East Greenland.

Towering Icebergs float to the sea from the Icefjord. Ilulissat. West Greenland.

A wedge shaped Iceberg reflected in calm water drifts off the coast of North West Greenland.

Line of icebergs on the horizon drifting in calm water as the sun sets behind them. NW Greenland.

View down glacier from the Icecap to iceberg studded sea. Cape York. NW Greenland

Low sunlight shines through iceberg ice stranded on a beach at low tide. Greenland

Frazil ice surrounds grounded icebergs in low autumn light before freeze up. N.W.Greenland

Recently rolled over iceberg shows ridges formed under water. NW Greenland.

An iceberg reflected in a pool of meltwater under the midnight sun. N.W Greenland.

Crevasses in the Greenland Icecap indicate movement. Northwest Greenland.

Fast moving glacier, Politiken Glacier, flows from the Greenland Icecap to the frozen sea. NW Greenland

Climate change, Meltwater pours off an iceberg passing a hole as chains of droplets. Scoresbysund Fiord. East Greenland

An Iceberg surrounded by melting sea ice in the summer off the coast of Northwest Greenland.

Glacial lagoon with its own icebergs on the receding icecap. Beyond it a glacier flows into a fjord. NW. Greenland.

Icebergs float in a sea filled with broken ice off Greenland. NW Greenland.

A ribbon of clear blue ice runs through an iceberg and is reflected in the sea. West Greenland

Thawing slabs of sea ice in summer. blue with icicles. Northwest Greenland.

Waves and studge ice near the shore at Uelen. Bering Strait, Chukotka, Siberia, Russia.

The floe edge at sunset with different ages of ice, grease ice and iceberg. Melville Bay. N.W. Greenland

Icebergs frozen into the sea ice of Meteorite Bay. Northwest Greenland.

At -40 degrees Celsius frost smoke rises off the freezing sea at the floe edge near Igloolik, Nunavut, Canada.

The floe edge in winter with newly formed ice flowers. Melville Bay. N.W.Greenland.

Open water, new ice, and new ice with ice flowers, & Inuk and dogsled in the distance. Melville Bay, N.W. Greenland

Ice flowers on newly formed sea ice in winter. N.W. Greenland.

'Ice flower' - frozen extrusions of salt formed on new sea ice as salt water freezes. Northwest Greenland

Sastrugi (wind carved ridges in snow) near Savissivik. Northwest Greenland.

Wind clouds forming over melting sea ice in Northwest Greenland.

Eider ducks (Somateria mollissima) resting at the floe edge near Saunders Island. N.W. Greenland.

Pancake ice which forms in the early stages of the sea freezing. NW Greenland

An iceberg at the floe edge in winter. Melville Bay. N.W.Greenland.
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