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Adult arctic terns, Sterna paradisea, harassing an arctic fox near their nest, Victoria Island, Nunavut, Arctic Canada

Arctic terns nest amongst poppies and other tundra flowers. Longyearbyen. Spitsbergen

Hunting snowy owl, Bubo scandiaca, prairie Alberta, Canada

Hunting snowy owl, Bubo scandiaca, prairie Alberta, Canada

Snowy owl chick on nest in open tundra. Yellow eyes and still in down. The Arctic.

Little Auks / Dovekies fly in front of the Annanbreen Glacier on Amsterdam Island Spitsbergen

Long-tailed jaegers, Stercorarius longicaudus, defending their nest in an aerial threat display, Victoria Island, Nunvaut, Arctic Canada

Newly hatched arctic tern chick (Sterna paradisaea) with the egg tooth still visible, Ellesmere Island, Canadian High Arctic

Female Eider sits on her nest amongst Purple Saxifrage. Spitsbergen.

Spectacled Eider Duck portrait, this male id in the peak of his breeding plumage. Living Coasts.

Long-tailed Duck in breeding plumage displays. Living Coasts

Kittiwakes on Rubini Rock bird cliffs. Hooker Island, Franz Josef Land

Kittiwakes fly away from a piece of iceberg ice by Lilliehookbreen. Spitsbergen

Flying Kittiwake. Svalbard

Kittiwake (Blacklegged) with chick on Rubini Rock bird cliffs, with Brunnich's guillemots bottom left. Franz Josef Land

Kittiwake lifts off the sea with lots of spray. The Arctic

Flying Kittiwake. Svalbard

Kittiwakes crowd onto a small iceberg by Smeerenburgbreen. Svalbard.

Young male polar bear approaches a dead seal where gulls are feeding, Spitsbergen

Ivory gull calling on a snow mound, with another, white on white. Svalbard.

Ivory gull, Pagophila eburnea, Svalbard Archipelago, Arctic Norway

Thick billed Murres in flight over water. The Arctic.

Common Guillemot stretches his wings after a wash. Living Coasts.

Brunnich's Guillemot running on sea ice. Svalbard

Brunnichs Guillemots, looking like penguins on an ice floe in Hinlopen Strait under Alkefjellet Bird Cliff. Spitsbergen

Northern Fulmar in low evening light by the Kongsbreen Glacier. Spitsbergen.

A Nutcracker (Nucifraga caryocatactes) a member of the corvid family sits in the snow at a winter camp in the Purovsky region of the Yamal. Western Siberia, Russia

Incubating red-throated loon, Gavia stellata, Victorai Island, Nunavut, Arctic Canada

Adult male willow ptarmigan, Lagopus lagopus, in spring breeding plumage, northern Manitoba, Canada.

A young Gyr Falcon (Falco rusticolus). Northwest Greenland.

Common Murre or Guillemot swimming underwater, this bird is common in the North Atlantic and Pacific waters. C

A pair of Little Auks / Dovekies, on a lichen covered rock below a bird cliff. Svalbard

Little Auks in flight, this shows their characteristic tight formation. Spitsbergen

Tufted Puffin flying underwater as he feeds on small fish. Living Coasts.

Atlantic Puffins on a sloping rock

Little Auks in flight. Dovekies. Savissivik Greenland
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