Antarctic Picture Galleries

Christian Fuhrhop, German visitor to the South Pole samples the cold air at the Ceremonial Pole. Antarctica

Eric Roseman unicycles 'around the World' at the South Pole. Amundsen-Scott Station. Antarctica.

Connie & Martin Mandles pose by the reflecting globe at the Ceremonial South Pole. Antarctica

Celebratory hand walk around the Ceremonial South Pole. Antarctica

Andy Tyson has a moment of excitement while Kite Skiing in a good wind at Patriot Hills. Antarctica

Photographers in blizzard. Luitpold Coast. East Antarctica

Photographers photograph a resting Leopard Seal from a Zodiac in Paradise Bay. Antarctic Peninsula.

Tourist horses around in front of the icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov. Antarctica.

Tour Biologist Jaclyn McPhadden on the radio as the Kapitan Khlebnikov parks in the ice. Antarctica

Mi-2 helicopter off a Russian Icebreaker lands on the sea ice at Cape Washington. Antarctica

passengers in the bows of a Russian Icebreaker, Kapitan Dranitsyn, with Helicopter. Antarctica.

Tourist wrapped up well against the cold at an emperor penguin colony. Antarctica

Eco tourism Zodiac seen through a hole in an iceberg near Pleneau Island. Antarctic Peninsula

All frosted up visiting  Emperor Penguins at -35 Centigrade during winter. Weddell Sea, near Halley Research Station, Antarctica

Happy tourists paddle a double kayak near Danko Island. Antarctica

Kayakers and a Gentoo Penguin on the beach at Whalers Bay.  Deception Is. South Shetland Is. Antarctica

Visitors to the Auster Emperor Penguin Colony hang out with a group of moulting chicks. Antarctica.

Zodiac in Shuga ice in the harbour at Stromness, it had been sleeting for many hours. South Georgia. Sub Antarctic Islands

Adventure tourism in a tent at Paradise Harbour. The Professor Multanovsiy sits at anchor. Antarctica

Tourists sit by Neptune's Window at Whalers Bay, and view over to the Whaling station Deception Antarctica

Old and rusting tanks, abandoned in 1931, were used in the whale oil extraction industry.  Whalers Bay. Deception Island.

catcher boat at Grytviken whaling station with a covering of snow and a tourist. South Georgia.

Having swum in the icy sea, Barrett jumps into the geothermally heated pool. Deception. Antarctica.

Tourists watch two Humpback Whales from a zodiac amongst ice floes. Antarctica

Shackleton's hut at Cape Royds, built in 1908. Dog kennels, and visitor on crutches. Ross Sea. Antarctica Antarctica

Tourist photographs a Wandering Albatross on nest. Sth Georgia. Sub-Antarctic

Tourists on the bow of the icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov, Lemaire Channel. Antarctic Peninsula

Line of King Penguins along the shore as the zodiac from the Multanovskiy lands at Salisbury Plain. Sth Georgia

Zodiac full of passengers cruises in front of a glacier in Cierva Cove, an inlet in mainland Antarctic Peninsula

The Clipper Adventurer in the Lemaire Channel on a grey day. Antarctica

Tourist in a blue hat with penguins on it. Antarctica

Silver surfer downloading a digital camera to a laptop computer on the deck of a tourist ship in Antarctica

Sanne enjoying a fine day on deck in Antarctica

Tourists observe the correct distance from an Adelie Penguin. Shingle Cove,  Coronation Island, South Orkneys. Antarctica

Zodiac in Shuga ice in the harbour at Stromness, it had been sleeting for many hours. South Georgia. Sub Antarctic Islands

Elderly passenger Per-Gosta Lenving from the  Ocean Nova pulls the hawser on the ice at Deception Island. South Shetland Is. Antarctica

Margot, Jacob & Cedric practice for their

Tourists from an icebreaker gather by the sign at Davis Base, an Australian base. Vestfold Hills. Antarctica.

Eco tourists in a zodiac cruise amongst icebergs by Cuverville Island. Antarctic Peninsula.
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