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Sun Halos & Sun Dogs

Sun Halo caused by refraction and reflection from ice crystals. Antarctica.

22 sun halo, with sun pillar, sun streak, Lowitz arcs, Upper Tangent Arc and Parry Arc at the top of the halo, all caused by diamond dust in the air above Halley Research Station, Brunt Ice Shelf. Antarctica.

Ice crystals driven by high wind cause a sun pillar, parhelic circle and sun dogs, (parhelia). Wales. Bering Strait. Alaska. 2003

An exceptional show of ice halos. A pair of parhelia (sun dogs), the 22 degree halo, the parhelic circle, several subhelic arcs (inside the prominent 22 degree halo), a prominent lower sun pillar, a weak upper tangent arc, a pair of subparhelia, and perhaps even a hint of the subparhelic circle. Sunburst Mtn, Kenai Mountains, Alaska.

Part of Sun Halo over Blue Ice by the Lone Wolf Nunataks. Antarctica

Parhelion / sun dogs over sea ice and a polar bear mother and cubs. Churchill. Manitoba. Canada.

Ecotourist hold his hand in front of a sun halo. Weddell Sea. Antarctica.

Parhelia (sun dogs) over campsite for 2009 Monaco Antarctic Expedition at 89 degrees South.

Sun dogs (parhelion) on either side of a herders camp on the tundra. Yamal Peninsula, W.Siberia, Russia

Parhelia and sun pillar caused by ice crystals in air. Signy Island. South Orkney Islands. Antarctica

Atmospheric ice crystal displays seen from 16,300' Balcony Camp on the West Rib of Denali. The parhelic circle (through the sun), the 22 halo and the 46 halo (around the sun) and a pair of bright parhelia or sun dogs (on either side). Mt. Foraker and Kahiltna Dome are visible in bottom of the frame. Denali National Park Alaska.

Sun halo and Parhelia (sun dogs) over the Ceremonial South Pole. Part of US Amundsen-Scott South Pole Research station to the right.