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Arctic Peoples
Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic.

Arctic Nature & Wildlife
Landscapes and Wildlife of the Arctic.

Climate Change
Polar Regions are warming fast.

Polar Bear on thin ice
Modern Arctic
Industry, communications and pollution are changing the Arctic.
Polar Phenomena
Ice crystals & light make amazing light shows, but best of all is the Aurora
Aurora Borealis
Antarctic Pictures
Antarctica, a continent for Science, and wildlife and ice and history
Warmer Places
Sometimes it is good to go places where we don't need thermal underwear

How to Buy Pictures.

ArcticPhoto is primarily a source for picture researchers, to enable editors and picture buyers to access our pictures with the keyword search facilities. We normally operate on a Business to Business basis. Customers can request us to build them a lightbox on a subject or several, or they can build themselves a lightbox on any theme. These lightboxes can be emailed to contacts. All our pictures are Rights Managed and we can give you a price based on the size of the use, the rights required and the print run. To negotiate a use fee please contact us. Please check our Terms and Conditions.

Personal use

For personal use we like to know what the use will be, if it is a powerpoint display, we will deliver a 'screen sized image'. We are happy to supply images for dissertations, small business greetings cards, or to illustrate talks. Our prices are too high to be considered for screen savers or similar uses. If you are looking for a print for wall art, go to Print Sales


We do not 'donate' pictures to not for profit organisations, we have too many of these requests each week to be able to do this, we will however take into consideration the size of the circulation and negotiate a fair price.

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