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Bryan & Cherry Alexander
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Arctic Peoples
Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic.

Arctic Nature & Wildlife
Landscapes and Wildlife of the Arctic.

Climate Change
Polar Regions are warming fast.

Polar Bear on thin ice
Modern Arctic
Industry, communications and pollution are changing the Arctic.
Polar Phenomena
Ice crystals & light make amazing light shows, but best of all is the Aurora
Aurora Borealis
Antarctic Pictures
Antarctica, a continent for Science, and wildlife and ice and history
Warmer Places
Sometimes it is good to go places where we don't need thermal underwear

Bryan Alexander working in Siberia

ArcticPhoto has a unique collection of pictures of Polar Regions. We make frequent visits to Siberia, Greenland, Alaska, Canada, Arctic Scandinavia and Antarctica. Now you have the opportunity to search these images online on our website, but very unusual requests may be amongst the images that remain unscanned. Give us a call or e-mail to check.

Bryan and Cherry Alexander started travelling to the Arctic in 1971. Their pictures are a constantly expanding record of these vast areas and the changes that have happened there in the intervening years. The main focus of the collection is the Indigenous People of the North. The way they live, their land and the wildlife they share it with. Since 1992 Bryan has returned several times each year to northern Siberia to document the way of life of many of the reindeer herding groups who continue to follow a traditional life in the forests and tundra. Working at temperatures below -50C is a challenge and sometimes risky, but he keeps returning and taking extraordinary pictures, like the Asparatus clouds he witnessed over Qaanaaq in October 2008 which was published in National Geographic's Visions of Earth in August 2009.

Bryan & Cherry have published a special limited edition book to celebrate their 50 years of Photographing in the Arctic

"INUGHUIT  1971-2021"

For more information about this book visit
Arctica Publishing website

1971-2021 50 Years Photographing The Arctic

Tourism has discovered the Polar Regions and Arcticphoto has the pictures, Russian Icebreakers, Zodiacs and towering icebergs, Tourists in hot springs, and having fun at the North and South Pole. Cherry won the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 1995 with a picture of a blue iceberg. At the time they were very rare but now they are seen more frequently.

The Arctic and Antarctica are often viewed as a barometer of climate change. We have pictures of thaw, receding glaciers, swimming polar bears and many other climate indicators.

During the past few years, Bryan has been working on a new project, ‘Then & Now.’ This has involved him revisiting a number of the communities that he first worked in many years ago. He has re-photographed people, some of whom were children when he first photographed them, and has documented the changes that have happened in their lives and communities.

Rohan Promotion 2020

Return of the Sun

Nowhere is it more significant than in the
Avanersuaq region of northwest Greenland.

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We represent the work of other specialists. Ann Hawthorne, Wayne Lynch, Steve Pinfield, David Rootes, Paul Drummond, Mark Ryan, Frank Todd, Rinie van Meurs and Troels Jacobsen all work in inaccessible areas of the Antarctic and Sub Antarctic Islands. John Hyde specialises in the marine wildlife of South East Alaska, we have Oakley Cochran's pictures of native whaling in Alaska. Wendy Else has worked on Sealing and Whaling ships as well as taking great landscapes of the north of Norway.

Over the years we have worked on editorial assignments for many of the world's leading magazines including Time, GEO, Vogue, People Magazine, The Sunday Times, Le Figaro, Smithsonian and International Wildlife. Some of these assignments involved working outside the polar regions on a wide variety of subjects that range from the British legal system to native peoples of the Indonesian rain forests. Recently we have been doing consultancy work for BBC Television

'Horse People with Alexandra Tolstoy,' BBC 2 TV Series filmed in 2008

'The Human Planet' - BBC 1 TV Series Filmed in 2010

'Arctic With Bruce Parry' - BBC 2 TV Series produced by Indus Films (2010)

as well as Radio and well known book publishers.

Above all, we can offer high quality photographs and in depth knowledge of the polar regions. We know what Studge Ice is, and even better, we have pictures of it! If you think we can help you with your photographic requirements please contact us.

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